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you can do it. dont give up too soon.

The Story of Harland Sanders is a motivation for anyone who has given it all up, I’m talking of the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken! He was born in a shack, dropped out of school at 12, fired a number of times, his wife left him and his brother in law wrote,”she had no business marrying a no-good fellow like you who can’t hold a job” @ 40 he started cooking chicken meals in a service station and served customers in his apartment! @ 65 he had failed again only for his empire to move to the next level from a 105USD social security cheque. Today KFC is a force to be recorned with! Its never too late to dream! The fear of failure has trapped a lot of potentials in the belly of the coward! Those who are afraid of failure are unwilling to learn the true path to Greatness, this is because there is no true success without a few lessons from failure! The earlier you launch out the earlier you Succeed…remember that waiting for a perfect time is a delusion of the invalid!

Ima Obani-adding value to lives.