Maybe you have always thought Albert Einstein was a genius from the start, He wasn’t! he couldn’t speak a word until he was 4, couldn’t read until 7, he was expelled because he was considered a dummy! He wasn’t granted admission to Zurich Polytechnic school. This slow and anti- social guy rose to be the Father of Modern Physics and won a Nobel Prize. Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor company failed a job interview at Toyota Motor Company. He went to start making scooters in his backyard only for him to be the world’s largest maker of motor cycle, today we drive Honda cars. He had only elementary education and was a mechanic apprentice. Nick Vujicic was born without legs, hands and limbs.(Tetra-amelia syndrome) He attempted suicide at 10, he was bullied, depressed and rejected. He rose above all that and went to University, graduated at 21 with double honors. Nick is just 30 but today,he is a world renowned motivational speaker, having spoken to over 3 million people in 24 countries. He was born disadvantaged, but he went beyond all that to do something extra-ordinary! You may think things aren’t working for you because of your past failures, but you see, you can just get up in spite of your numerous invalid excuses and do something fantastic with your life. Nothing is impossible, if you will give yourself a chance. You have no reason to stop dreaming, Get up. Make your life count, make every second great and refuse to feel disadvantaged, your World is waiting!

Ima Obani-adding value to lives.


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